Our first foray into D&D! Join Dex, Rhi, Sita, Jay and Mike as they fondle and fumble their way through a world governed by dice and Jeremy, the Dungeon Master! On this episode, Sacra Nages and Rook will be tested in their premier gladitorial event, and we get our first taste of the D&D 5E combat system. Will they make small potatoes of their oppenents? Find out now on Hail the Void!

Hail the Void is a roleplay podcast where we'll follow a core campaign in the Dungeons and Dragons 5E universe, with occasional drifts into other narratives as we explore the vast array of roleplay systems there are out there, as well as a few of our own! We'll also feature talking-head style sessions, where we talk about our experiences with roleplay, what roleplay means to us, and how it has effected our lives.

If you have a comment, idea for a magical item our heroes might encounter, a roleplay system you would like to see featured, or a story of your own roleplay experience you would like to share with the world, here's how you can contact us!

Facebook: facebook.com/hailthevoid

Twitter: @hailthevoidpod

Email: hailthevoidpod@gmail.com

Our theme song is comprised Andalusian Ground by Batholomew Faire (used with permission, support them by buying their CD's here: https://store.cdbaby.com/Artist/BartholomewFaire), and Hail the Void by Jeremy Cooney. All rights reserved.


Enjoy the show, and as always, Hail the Void. 

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