It's the final episode of this Pocket Universe Series and... oh yes.... there will be blood!


An extra special thank you to Mathew for joining us for this fun little side-session. If you want to know more about his bar, The Grid: Games and Growlers, his webside can be found below:

The Grid: Games and Growlers


Hail the Void is a roleplay podcast where we'll follow a core campaign in the Dungeons and Dragons 5E universe, with occasional drifts into other narratives as we explore the vast array of roleplay systems there are out there, as well as a few of our own! We'll also feature talking-head style sessions, where we talk about our experiences with roleplay, what roleplay means to us, and how it has effected our lives.

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Our theme song is comprised of If I'm Going to Die, I'm Going to Have Some Fun by Arthur Colins (1907, Public Domain) and Hail the Void by Jeremy Cooney. All rights reserved.


This episode also included the following music:


Awkward Meeting - Kevin MacLeod (

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License 


Enjoy the show, and as always, Hail the Void. 

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